Monday, July 2, 2012

Not the end of Oceanclan!

Anyone want to start fresh and try again! Once I can edit things again, Oceanclan will have a completely new look. There will be new pages, new cats, new everything. So stay tuned!

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Dear Oceanclan cats,
Thank you for having been loyal members of Oceanclan for all this time, and I hope you still will be after I say this. I am announcing my departure from Blogger and all the blogs I have been part of like Oceanclan, Waveclan, and some others. I am also saying this for Ashstripes, so you will see neither of us on these sites anymore. I'm handing Oceanclan over to Waveclaw, do with it what she will.

Monday, March 5, 2012

The NEW Oceanclan

Hi Everyone! This is Waveclaw taking the time to post something since I haven't for a while. I have a couple of things to say so please read! :)

  1. I am glad Oceanclan is back, but let's please not make this a vicious cycle. Please spread word to your friends (no, I didn't say spam them) but let as many people as you know to join and please ACTUALLY post on the pages (once you have time!: I know people are busy)
  2. One reason I myself didn't go on Oceanclan as much as I did on the other sites was because I lost track of all the cats. That's why in the stories when they were talking about so and so and so and so, I was totally confused and therefore didn't post.
  3. I say: we take a vote. I say we delete ALL the cats (I'm talking ALL THE CATS) and start ALL over. (with the exception of Goldenpelt, Brightfang, Snowfire, and the newly made cats) 
  4. But the cats that never come on should be deleted, I say. Therefore we actually have RP cats and cats that come on here... take a vote down below
  5. Still waiting on Oceanstar to delete all the comments on the pages...
VOTE: Comment a "1" on this post if you vote to delete all the cats and start over
Comment a "2" on this post if you vote to keep all the current cats on the page

Thanks! :) :)


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fresh Start!

Dear Oceanclanners,
As you can see, Oceanclan is back! I've decided to start fresh, so by next week any cats you don't tell me you want to save will be gone. The comments will be deleted by next week so we can start new stories and start fresh. Thanks for your cooperation!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Oceanclan is Dying!!

Everyone, help! Oceanclan is dying! Tell your friends or your internet buddies to join Oceanclan! We need cats to post and keep posting, so please, help save us!! Are there any ideas how we could improve Oceanclan to make it more popular? If so, let me know.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Today we are going to make our kits apprentices. Mistkit, Firekit, Shadowkit, Mountainkit, Willowkit, and Breezekit, you will be known as Mistpaw, Firepaw, Shadowpaw, Mountainpaw, Willowpaw, and Breezepaw. Mistpaw, your mentor will be Firemoon. Firepaw, your mentor will be Darkpelt. Shadowpaw, your mentor will be Ashstripes. Mountainpaw, your mentor will be Shadystream. Willowpaw, your mentor will be Dappledstripe.. And last but not least Breezepaw, your mentor will be Blossomberry.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Since Ashstripes is new, I am telling him what's going on.
Warrior's Den- Firemoon, Feathertuft, Snowflake, Jetstream, Bramblestorm, and Shadefur are going on a journey to the mountains to get the eagles to leave Oceanclan, and they just met Sunblossom and Jaywing and their kits Mountainkit, Breezekit, and Willowkit.
Nursery- There is a deadly blizzard going on, and all the cats are hiding in a hollow while Jetstream, Snowflake, Bramblestorm, and Oceanstar are somewhere else hiding from the storm.
Gatherings- Nothing has really happened right now on gatherings yet.
Apprentice's Den- Feathertuft is developing a relationship with Grayclaw.
Medicine Den- Basically, we are just talking about Spottedfire and Sunblossom's kits growing up and their "love lives".
Sharing Tongues- We are talking about doing a thing with the newly named warriors and if you wanted to join that Ashstripes, you can.